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Zimpli Crackle Baff Colours (Red Blue Yellow) 30g

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Zimpli Kids Crackle Baff is a delightful bath product that adds an element of surprise and sensory play to your little one’s bath time! When sprinkled into water, it crackles, pops, and magically changes colour. Let’s dive into the colourful world of Crackle Baff:

  1. Crackle Baff Colours:

    • This pack contains Red, Blue, and Yellow crackle powder.
    • Each sachet of crackle powder is biodegradable.
    • Simply sprinkle it into the water, and watch as it transforms your bath into a playful experience!
    • After the fun is over, you can easily flush away the water without any worries.
  2. How It Works:

    • Sprinkle the powder into the bathwater.
    • Listen to the delightful crackling sounds as it interacts with the water.
    • Observe the colors changing magically before your eyes!
  3. Safe and Fun:

    • Zimpli Kids ensures that all their products are safe on skin, non-toxic, and drain-safe.
    • The Crackle Baff has received accreditation from the British Skin Foundation, making it skin-safe.
    • No need to fret about staining skin, clothes, or the bathtub—it’s stain-free!

Remember, bath time doesn’t have to be ordinary—add some crackling magic with Zimpli Kids Crackle Baff