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We are a small online shop that handpicks all the products from direct educational sources.

We strongly believe that home learning is key to any child's development therefore our aim is to simply offer you quality educational toys, equipment and furniture so that you can make homes a fun, educational environment for those early years.

Our hard working, friendly customer services team are based at our UK office. If you need any assistance with your orders then simply call them on 0845 207 5686 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, or contact us via our Google+ , Twitter or Facebook accounts. 

We really hope you enjoy the experience from browsing through our specialised online catalogue to the many years worth of educational play that your loved ones enjoy.

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7 things you never knew about Guy Fawkes

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It's Bonfire Night this November 5 - a date when us Britons commemorate events that nearly changed the course of the nation's history. But what do we actually know about Guy Fawkes?

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4 ways to engage with kinaesthetic kids

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