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At Educational Toys we aim to give you the opportunity to setup your home for educational learning. We know that the early years are so important for a child’s development so we’re here to give you the equipment you need at home to make learning even more fun! 

We believe that choosing the best Toys, Furniture and Equipment should be clear and simple and informative. We have built this site to try and do just that with quality products and trusted customer service since 2008. 

We are located in Gloucestershire and have many links with the local educational and toy retail markets in the UK so that we can offer our customers the best products at hard to beat prices. 

If you want to get in touch then just send us an email to or tweet @FunEarlyYears 
If you wish to talk to us directly you contact us on 0845 207 5686 

We hope you enjoy using our site. If you have any feedback or recommendations then please do get in touch. 

Happy home teaching & learning! 


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