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What's Inside Feely Box

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The Soft Feely Box from Lakeshore Learning is an engaging sensory toy designed for little ones. Let’s explore what’s inside this delightful box:

  1. Pretty Butterfly: This soft box contains a pretty butterfly with crinkly wings that little fingers can explore.
  2. Cute Lion: There’s also a cute lion with a corduroy coat, inviting tactile exploration.
  3. Shiny Frog: For some added fun, there’s a shiny frog that tots can squeak.
  4. Other Sensory Objects: In addition to the butterfly, lion, and frog, the box holds seven more sensory objects for kids to discover.

The machine-washable box features a big 4" opening on top, making it easy for little hands to reach in and feel around. It’s a wonderful way to engage children’s senses and encourage exploration