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Senseez Plushy Jelly

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Plushy Jelly is a sensory pillow made from soft rose swirl material. It uses vibration to calm and engage both over active and under responsive children. Just a bit of pressure provides tactile and calming vibration. It is a super soft cuddle friend for children of all abilities and especially appealing to those on the sensory spectrum. It is round with 8 tentacles hanging from the bottom for extra sensations to touch. Rub them, touch them and fidget with them. Designed for hugging, sitting, and squeezing

  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Addresses tactile sensitivities
  • Elevates sensory processing awareness
  • Helps with hypersensitivity


  • Size: 24cm x 24cm x 8cm (including the eight tentacles)

Recommended Age: 3+

Please note: Senseez are not a medical device and should not be used for medical or therapeutic purposes. They are not waterproof and should never be used around or submerged in water