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Lets Talk Multicultural Puppet Set (Set Of 6)

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Let’s Talk! Multicultural Puppets - Complete Set from Lakeshore Learning. These delightful hand puppets are designed to encourage cultural awareness and understanding. 

  • Set Contents: The complete set includes 6 plush puppets, each representing a different cultural background. These puppets are approximately 12 inches tall.
  • Cultural Diversity: The puppets feature authentically detailed outfits from various cultures:
    • Japanese Girl: Dressed in a traditional Japanese kimono.
    • Mexican Girl: Reflecting Mexican culture.
    • Nigerian Girl: Representing Nigerian heritage.
    • Navajo Boy: Wearing attire inspired by Navajo traditions.
    • Ghanaian Boy: Adorned in a colourful Ghanaian dashiki.
    • Chinese Boy: Depicting Chinese culture.
  • Interactive Features: Each puppet has movable mouths and arms, making them easy for small hands to control.
  • Machine-Washable: These puppets are machine-washable for easy maintenance.

These multicultural puppets provide a fantastic opportunity for children to explore and appreciate the rich diversity of our world. Whether used in classrooms, storytelling, or playtime, they foster curiosity and understanding.

Remember, learning about different cultures through play is both educational and fun!