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Tiny Bioplastic Sand And Water Set (43Pcs)

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The big sand set is ideal for playing and learning in the sandbox or on the beach. Playing outdoors with sand and water strengthens a childs motor skills and senses, as well as social skills when role-playing with other children. The sand set is made up of many different parts, giving the set great playing value. Particularly well-suited for preschool child settings. All components come in subdued natural colours and are dishwasher safe.
Made from sugarcane, a renewable and sustainable material, these resources are designed for smaller hands.
  • Made from sugarcane based bio plastic
  • Push, mould, stack, mark make and transport with these tools
  • Durable, high quality and dishwasher safe

Product details: Set contains 43 pieces
Dimensions: L 13 cm
Age: 10 months +
Material: BIOplastic 90% Sugarcane