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Honeycomb Light Panel

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Engage the senses with our touch-activated RGB lights, thoughtfully designed for sensory education.

These lights respond to the user's physical touch: a simple touch to the centre position activates them and allows for effortless adjustment of the light colour. For turning off, a long press for three seconds does the trick.

With just one USB cable, you can connect up to 22 hexagon lights simultaneously, provided the output voltage is 5V 2.1A (equivalent to a standard power bank). When the voltage is higher and sufficient, you have the freedom to connect an unlimited number of panels, enabling the creation of diverse shapes and an array of colours.

To add to the versatility, these lights are equipped with a remote control, allowing you to adjust your design without direct contact with the lights. The possibilities for creating unique lighting configurations are virtually limitless, encouraging sensory exploration and customisation.

Recommended Age: 3+

Unlock a world of sensory possibilities with these lights, offering not just illumination but a platform for artistic expression and tactile engagement, perfectly suited for sensory education.