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How Much Does It Weigh? Measurement Centre

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The How Much Does It Weigh? Measurement Centre from Lakeshore Learning is an engaging hands-on resource for young learners to explore measurement concepts related to weight. 

  1. Purpose and Concepts:

    • The centre provides students with an instant, visual grasp of measurement concepts such as heavy, light, and balance.
    • Through simple investigations, students can compare and contrast the weights of different objects.
  2. Components:

    • Activity Cards: The set includes 24 activity cards with illustrated instructions. These cards guide beginners in conducting various weight-related activities.
    • Balance Scale: The centre features a balance scale that allows students to compare the weights of different manipulatives.
    • Manipulatives: There are 40 manipulatives included for hands-on exploration.
  3. Scale Specifications:

    • The scale measures 12 3/4 inches in length.
    • It comes with a 9-inch wooden card stand.
  4. Age Recommendation:

    • Suitable for children aged 4 years to 7 years 

This measurement centre is an excellent addition to any math area, allowing children to develop vocabulary related to weight and measurement. The included activity cards make learning engaging and interactive