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Button Sorting Centre

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The Button Sorting Centre from Lakeshore Learning is an engaging educational resource designed for young learners. Let’s explore what it offers:

  1. Description:

    • The Button Sorting Centre includes 120 plastic buttons and 15 different activity mats.
    • These bright, irresistible buttons feature a variety of different attributes for children to sort by, providing practice with concepts like big and small, shape, and counting.
    • Kids place the buttons onto each mat to sort by size, shape, colour, and number of holes.
    • The mats measure 10" x 13" and come with activity ideas.
  2. Learning Opportunities:

    • Children engage in hands-on practice with sorting and patterning.
    • Concepts covered include big and small, geometric shape, and counting.
    • The centre encourages fine motor skills and cognitive development.
  3. Age Recommendation:

    • Suitable for children aged 3 years to 5 years