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Wooden Rainbow Set

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Introducing the magnificent 12 piece wooden rainbow set, an extraordinary addition to your playroom that will leave you in awe. Its impressive size unlocks a realm of limitless creative possibilities. With a dozen versatile blocks at your fingertips, a multitude of adventures awaits.

These blocks effortlessly transform into tunnels and bridges for toy cars, cozy cribs for baby dolls, protective havens for small animals, or robust farm fences, sparking the flames of imaginative exploration.

This set comprises six wooden boxes, each gracefully representing a color of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. It's more than just a toy; it serves as an enchanting gateway to a world of creative discovery and sensory engagement.


  • Measures 16.2cm x 16.2cm x 16.2cm

Unleash your imagination and embark on an extraordinary sensory journey with this captivating wooden rainbow.