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Weplay Honey Hill

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Weplay Honey Hills is an innovative play set inspired by the natural shape of honeycombs. Let’s explore its fascinating features:

  • Honey Hill x 6 (yellow x 3, orange x 3)
  • Hexagonal Tactile Bag x 3 (red x 1, blue x 1, green x 1)
  1. Concept and Design:

    • Tactile Containers: Honey Hills adopts the concept of tactile containers and transforms them into an engaging stepping game.
    • Unique Paths: Children can create paths with varying heights and multi-directional routes using these containers.
    • Stemmed from Nature: The design is inspired by the natural shape of honeycomb.
  2. Components:

    • Double Steps: The set includes 6 double steps (3 yellow and 3 orange). These steps serve as the building blocks for creating the paths.
    • Hexagonal Tactile Bags: Inside the steps, there are 3 hexagonal tactile bags (coloured in red, blue, and green). These bags can hold various tactile materials for added sensory play.
  3. Benefits and Learning Opportunities:

    • Motor Skills Enhancement: As kids step on the different levels, they enhance their motor skills.
    • Emotional Stability: Stepping on the paths helps stabilize emotions.
    • Creativity and Planning: Children can directly participate in building unique tactile routes by placing their favourite materials, fostering creativity and action planning skills.
    • Tactile Stimulation: The textured path and container design offer different tactile experiences.
    • Balance and Coordination: The convex and concave surfaces create varying heights, strengthening children’s movement, balance, and coordination.
  4. Specifications:

    • Max Load: Each step can bear up to 60 kg.
    • Materials: Made from PP + TPE (polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer).
    • Measurements: Each step measures 48.8 x 26 x 11.1 cm.
    • Age Restriction: Suitable for children aged 2 years and up (not suitable for children under 24 months).

Honey Hills encourages active play, creativity, and sensory exploration. So, let your imagination flow and create your own exciting routes!