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Sift And Find Alphabet Shells

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The Sift & Find Alphabet Shells from Lakeshore Learning are a delightful educational resource for young learners. Let me provide you with more details:

  • Description: These colourful shells are designed to reinforce early language concepts, from letter recognition to alphabet order and simple word building. Children can scoop and sift through the sand to discover uppercase letters printed on the 26 plastic shells.

  • What’s Included:

    • 26 plastic shells, each featuring an uppercase letter.
    • A sturdy plastic pail with a sifter lid.
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for children aged 3 to 5 years (preschool to kindergarten).

Here are some engaging ways to use these shells:

  1. Letter Recognition: Encourage children to find specific letters in the sand. For example, you can ask them to locate the letter “B” or “S.”

  2. Word Building: Spell out simple words using the shells. Bury the shells that spell a 3-letter word (e.g., “bat”) in the pail. Then Have children sift the sand to find the letters and arrange them in order 

These shells make learning fun and interactive, whether in the classroom or during playtime