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Shapes Discovery Boxes

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The Shapes Discovery Boxes from Lakeshore Learning are engaging educational tools designed to introduce basic shapes to young learners. 

  • Each Shapes Discovery Box contains four irresistible items that share the same shape:

    1. Labelled Beanbag: A soft and tactile beanbag with the featured shape.
    2. Abstract Shape: An abstract representation of the shape.
    3. Everyday Objects: Two familiar objects that also embody the same shape.
  • Tots explore these shapes one at a time by opening the boxes. Inside, they’ll discover items like a round cookie (representing a circle) and a triangular pizza slice (representing a triangle).

  • The set includes four surface-washable vinyl boxes and a total of 16 shapes. Each box measures 5 inches tall.

These discovery boxes provide a hands-on and visually appealing way for little ones to learn about shapes. They’re perfect for enhancing cognitive development and sparking curiosity!