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EZ Fort Fairytale Castle

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What do Cinderella, Princess Fiona and The Duchess of Cambridge all have in common?! Well - aside from their pretty dresses, charming Prince and beautiful hair - a castle of course! Every Princess needs a castle, to protect her from the horrible wicked witches and fire-blowing dragons of the world, and to make sure that everyone within a 10 miles radius can see her stunning beauty from the window.

Use these lightweight, durable tubes and chunky connectors to build dens, play forts and more! The construction system is simple to use and completely reusable so you can use the 34 tubes and 20 connectors again and again. Once you've finished the frame, bedsheets or blankets can be used to provide cover and shade. Excellent for outdoor fun in the garden

Box Contents:

20 x Spheres
20 x 24" Tubes
14 x 17" Tubes
1 Cover