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Wedgnetix 32pc

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Take Wedgits construction beyond the limits of gravity!

Each of these colorful, translucent, intriguingly angled blocks feature an embedded magnet on one side and a protruding magnet of the opposite charge on the other.

Connect them with a snap and suddenly endless construction fun climbs up, out, and all around!

The included design guide shows you how to make specific shapes as well as a huge variety of 2D and astonishing 3D structures.

But this is only the beginning.

With every new twist and connection, a whole world of construction possibilities snaps into existence!

Explore, experiment, and discover as you imagine and build seemingly impossible creations.

The pieces may snap together easily, but actually building with them is an enormous intellectual thrill!

With the power of precise geometry and the simple fun of magnets, the Wedgnetix 32-piece set provides an unstoppable, brain-bolstering experience kids won't want to put down.