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Early Learning Station

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Early Learning Station is a versatile and engaging teaching tool designed for preschool to Key Stage 2 classes. 

  1. Double-Sided Whiteboard: Two magnetic dry-erase whiteboards, with one side specifically lined for students to practice their printing skills. Teachers can easily switch between sides for different activities.

  2. Roll-Up Felt for Creative Play: The station includes a roll-up felt that encourages imaginative play. It’s perfect for storytelling, creating scenes, or exploring shapes and colours.

  3. Safety Cap™ Premium Book Ledge: The book ledge locks into multiple positions, providing a secure spot for books, charts, or other teaching materials.

  4. Large Open Tubs: With two large open tubs, teachers can organize supplies, manipulatives, or art materials conveniently.

  5. Snap-On Chart Paper and Accessory Hooks: Comes equipped with hooks for attaching chart paper or other accessories, making it adaptable for various lessons.

  6. Easy Storage: When not in use, the frame folds away neatly for compact storage.

  7. Mobility: The station features 2-inch locking casters, allowing teachers to move it around the classroom effortlessly.

  • Frame Measures 121cm x 66cm x 75cm