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Face Masks

In these extraordinary and difficult times, we want to help keep our customers as safe and protected as possible!!

KN95 Respiratory Type III Face Masks. High Fluid resistance.

FDA and CE Certified. Fits snugly around the nose and mouth. Adjustable nose bridge and soft elastic ear loops for a good seal. Offers multilayer protection filtering.

A high specification for filtering a minimum of 95% of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometres.


The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control agrees that medical face masks might help stop the spread of coronavirus. They say this might be particularly useful in busy spaces, such as grocery stores, shopping centres, and on public transport.

Anything we can do to help reduce the risk must surely be good!?

We have a limited supply from one of our USA toy suppliers of respiratory face masks for mums, dads and grandparents.


  • Fully certified FDA and EN.
  • Filters bacteria and protects against droplets
  • Soft, elastic loops provide perfect hold behind small ears
  • Rounded edges and soft material for comfortable wear

Stop Press! Coming Soon….Child Friendly Face Masks for the Kids age 3+ !